Men’s Box Platinum Chains.

The ByEnzo Box Chain bracelets and necklaces in platinum seamlessly merge feminine with masculine elegance through a series of oval links connected one by one and carefully polished by our artisans in Seoul. Its modern simplicity is the epitome of stylistic pureness.


ByEnzo seeks beauty in simplicity through the finest materials and craftmanship. Our passion for men’s platinum jewelry making pushes the boundaries of excellence.


The selection.

Cuban Chain Necklace.

The supreme expression of the most demanding chain in platinum.


Box Chain Necklace.

Its signature square-shaped links stands out from other chain design.


Rolo Chain Necklace.

A contemporary classic piece of jewelry for men.


Wheat Chain Bracelet.

Be amazed by its unique floating sensation on your skin.


Double Cuban Chain Bracelet.

Its modern simplicity is the epitome of stylistic pureness.


Fortune Compass Pendant.

Will guide the basic instincts of men who challenge their ideal.


the categories.

Men’s Platinum Necklaces.

Explore contemporary reinterpretations of iconic platinum chain necklaces for men, exclusivity cast from Platinum (PT 950), and handcrafted by our talented artisans in Seoul. Elegant, timeless, and durable, ByEnzo’s necklace chains are designed to last forever, solely or with our pendants.


Men’s Platinum Bracelets.

Explore contemporary reinterpretations of iconic chain bracelets for men, cast from Platinum (PT 950) and handcrafted by our talented artisans in Seoul. Elegant, timeless, and durable, ByEnzo’s bracelet chains are designed to last forever.


Men’s Platinum Pendants.

Explore our wide range of pendants for men, which includes compass, crosses, or anchors. Handcrafted exclusivity from the most precious metal, ByEnzo pendants are the perfect companion to go with a chain necklace. All pendants can be fully customized as you please.



The Craftsmanship At Its Finest.

Every ByEnzo’s creations are designed, manufactured, and assembled in our atelier in Seoul by the skillful hands of our master and experienced artisans endowed with the unique gift of creating emotion. Made from platinum, our jewels make crafting and polishing difficult, demanding an extremely high degree of skill to create the finest jewelry for men. ByEnzo pays tribute to craftsmanship and know-how, defining its heritage and endlessly pushing the boundaries of excellence.

About ByEnzo

the Personalization Service.

Engraved Jewelry.

A treasured name, a meaningful quote, a sleek initials or a significant date — Engrave what matters for you or someone special on the clasp of your Rolo chain to make it unique. The engraving service is complimentary for our distinguished customers.

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Bespoke Jewelry.

Pushing the boundaries of personalization, ByEnzo provides a first-class bespoke service. Design by you and crafted by ByEnzo to turn your story into reality. Your only limit is your imagination.

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Visit our Flagship.

Our exclusive flagship store is located at the heart of Seoul, a capital city at the crossroads between tradition and modernity. Come to live an unique experience where you can observe artisans crafting fine jewelry.

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