Design & custom made your jewelry with ByEnzo: Create the one and only one


Bespoke Consultation

Contact us by phone, email or visit our shop. Knowing exactly what your intentions for the bespoke service is essential.
Or you can consult one of our professional consultants through phone calls or e-mails.
We will assist you by finding the most ideal shape and color that you want for the bespoke jewelry.


Drafting Design

Our experienced artisan will draft the outlook of the jewelry design based on the conversations during consultation period.
We will send you the bespoke jewelry draft through email and you are able to make any changes to make it become your ideal design.


3D Modeling Draft

We will create a 3D modeling draft after you have agreed with the bespoke sketch design draft.

The 3D modeling draft enables you to view your bespoke jewelry design from various angles.
But if you would still like to amend the draft, you are still free to do so until you fully satisfied with it.

curb cuban chain platinum bracelet for men from byenzo jewelry bespoke jewelry


Sample Model before Bespoke

Then, we will create the model with 1:1 ration to the actual design.
You are able to have the actual feeling of how it looks like and how does it feel.

bespoke model cross pendant


Bespoke Jewelry Creation

We will send you videos and pictures of your bespoke jewelry so to confirm
you are satisfy with it. Then, we will deliver the product to you.

Bespoke in ByEnzo with the best craftsmanship

  ByEnzo’s workshop is located in Seoul, where there are artisans who specialize in making custom jewelry. Our master-class artisans can make the jewelry that suits your preferences. Custom jewelry is very suitable for the pursuit of every detail, strive for excellence. Experienced artisans have carefully examined every piece of jewelry, so we are very confident in the quality and quality of the product. We are not only a jewelry company but also a place where you can realize your wishes, as long as you say you look forward to it, you can tell us that ByEnzo will meet your needs.

20 Years of Experiences in Jewelry Craftsmanship

  In the past 20 years, we have created hundreds of pieces of exclusive jewelry for different people, which is loved and recognized by customers. Our founders are convinced that jewelry can express each of us the deepest self and the best partner for each of us, perhaps love and trust, freedom and independence, excitement and adventure, and so on. ByEnzo will listen to your heart and write your chapter with you, which can move your moving story.

Platinum chain bracelet ByEnzo Pt950 handcrafted


Please get started by consulting with ByEnzo's
experienced staff and complete the unique
Platinum jewelry with us.

bespoke custom made handcraftsmanship curb cuban chain bracelet from byenzo jewelry


You will learn about how special and
different from ByEnzo’s Platinum.

Platinum chain for men bracelet with the dual safety clasp


Designing your own bracelet by engraving initials



Without any doubt, we believed and insisted in craftsmanship.

Platinum chain bracelet ByEnzo Pt950 handcrafted bespoke

ByEnzo was established since 2002. A brand focus on delicate Men's Platinum Jewelry, bracelet, necklace, pendant, and ring, for instance; as well as emphasizing the hand craftsmanship spirit. All of the jewelry is handcrafted for sure. In order to satisfy the need in creating a personalized ornament, ByEnzo is offering Bespoke service as well. We have a group of skillful and talented artisans who can turn your design into reality

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