How to wear the ByEnzo’s Bangle Bracelet

bangle bracelet platinum for men from ByEnzo Jewelry

Unique Buckle Design from ByEnzo Jewelry

ByEnzo Jewelry’s artisans designed the buckle for the bangle bracelet, so it is ultimately safe and durable and elegant on the appearance. The Men’s bangle bracelet is dense as it is made of pure Platinum, while our artisans and designers believed that a piece of high-jewelry is to blend the particular parts into the design unnoticeably

platinum bangle bracelet from ByEnzo Jewelry for men jewelry

How to buckle up the bangle bracelet

To ensure the buckle is closed completely, please make sure that the groove is aligned correctly. After aligning the slot, you could move the buckle horizontally until you hear a click sound. By noticing the click sound, it means that the clasp is up successfully.

The Men’s Bangle Bracelet in ByEnzo Jewelry

There are three types of bangle bracelets from our collection, including the pure platinum bangle, and the 18k gold bangle. Besides, there are 18k yellow gold and 18k pink gold for the 18k gold bangle options. 

To learn more about the details of the bangle bracelet, you could read more by clicking the following links:

Platinum Bangle

Yellow Gold Bangle

Pink Gold Bangle

Platinum 950
6mm / 8 mm

18k gold yellow gold bangle bracelet from ByEnzo Jewelry

18K Yellow Gold
6mm / 8mm

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18k gold pink gold bangle bracelet from ByEnzo Jewelry

18K Pink Gold
6mm / 8mm

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Who is ByEnzo?

ByEnzo established since 2002. A brand focusing on delicate Man Jewelry, bracelet, necklace, pendant, and ring, for instance; as well as emphasizing the hand craftsmanship spirit. All of the jewelry is handmade for sure. To satisfy the need in creating a personalized ornament, ByEnzo is offering Bespoke service as well. We have a group of skillful and talented craftsmen who can turn your design into reality.

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