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Men’s Platinum Necklace Wheat Chain-4.7mm width ByEnzo Jewelry

The platinum wheat chain necklace is a men’s rope chain model with a distinctive sense, feel the specialties of the wheat chain from the woven chain design to the sliding clasp security device.
A platinum chain with strong personal characters that shows dynamic vibe with the most sophisticated craftsmanship from ByEnzo Jewelry. Highly recommend to wear with one of the ByEnzo’s platinum pendants.


  • Material: Platinum 950
  • Diameter : 4.7mm
  • Length : 52cm (Select the length option)
  • Web ID: 5PR023N-4.7mm
  • Brand: ByEnzo Jewelry©


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US $ 12,330

* Price depends on length.
* Chain length measurement guide →

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Product Info

Exclusive Platinum Wheat Chain Design

An exclusive platinum wheat chain necklace design from ByEnzo Jewelry. Moreover, this is a men’s chain design without gaps between the chains, just like a woven rope pattern. The tightly woven chain design delivers an exotic and energetic vibe that stimulates your deepest adventurous desire.

Due to the density of platinum, the wheat chain has a ultimate dense not only because of the amount of chains used. Even thought the chains are woven underneath, the whole wheat chain necklace is made with solid platinum.

Classy Wheat Chain Design & Dense Weight

Regardless of direction, the wheat chain has an identical shape from both the front and backside, which gives a vibrant, energetic, and dynamic feel while wearing the wheat style platinum necklace. Also, the wheat chain necklace is one of the ideal necklace chains to go with the ByEnzo’s pendants.

The wheat chain platinum necklace combines not only high-level craftsmanship skills but also the passion of ByEnzo’s artisans.

The Craftsmanship of the Wheat Chain Necklace

‘Despite the crafting processing is under the veil, the devil is in the details’

ByEnzo ensures our customers would receive the finest platinum necklace. Starting from drafting to molding, until the assembling and polishing of the wheat chain necklace are guaranteed by the experienced ByEnzo Jewelry’s artisans.

Wheat chain is a combination of various individual chains and form a rope-like chain style. Every chain is made from solid platinum chains; thus, this is a strong, durable and heavy platinum chain.

Given Platinum’s unusual hardness, the craftsman process is more complicated than general metals; chains creation from Platinum is incredibly hard.

Solid 4.7mm Platinum Wheat Chain Necklace

The 4.7mm Platinum wheat chain necklace is a rope style woven chain, forming a rope-like chain outlook. To create the wheat chain, it takes trice more individual chains than the curb chain; this is because the inner part of the wheat chain is solid but not hollow. Therefore, the wheat chain is exceptionally dense as the net weight is much heavier than the hollow chains.

Pendant’s Best Companion

The rope-like wheat chain necklace is one of the best men’s platinum necklaces chain to wear with a pendant. By considering the usually large size of a men’s pendant, ByEnzo believes that a robust masculine necklace chain would be ideal for holding the men’s pendant. Not only creating a more harmonious fashion style but also delivering a masculine look with the wheat chain. But of course, ByEnzo Jewelry is offering both a thin 3mm circular lock chain and thick pendant necklace for your selection.

Innovative Clasp Design for Rope Style Chain

ByEnzo Jewelry pays attention to every detail, including the clasp design. The highlight of the sliding cylinder clasp is an innovative design created by ByEnzo Jewelry. Since the platinum wheat chain is a 3D chain instead of a 2D flat curb chain, we believed that it is essential to create a matching clasp.

To hold up our craftsmanship spirit, we have been paying attention to many details, like how to create a clasp that is both practical and artistic. Besides, considering the ease of use and the clasp’s security level, etc., are our considerations, and finally, ByEnzo Jewelry has come up to this sliding cylinder clasp design.

Men’s Platinum Rope Necklace

A wheat chain with strong personal characters and with the ultimate dense weight; a dynamic vibe with the most sophisticated craftsmanship from ByEnzo Jewelry.

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Quality Guaranteed in ByEnzo Jewelry

‘The most durable, dense and dazzling PT 950’

ByEnzo ensures our customers would receive the finest platinum jewelry. Starting from drafting to molding, until the assembling and polishing of the rolo chain are guaranteed by the experienced ByEnzo’s artisans, as well as using the best precious metals. Using 99.9% of pure platinum and 5% of Iridium as well as Ruthenium, which allows ByEnzo to create the most durable, dense and dazzling PT 950. Besides, PT 950 is hypo-allergy, suitable for every wearer.

ByEnzo’s Cylinder Sliding Clasp

The delicate, stylish cylindrical sliding clasp device provides a sense of unity that goes well with the shape of the wheat chain. A milgrain pattern carved at the end of the ornament added an extra layer of luxury sensation with excellent details, not to mention the simple-to-use grip. The sliding clasp device aims to the convenience of use, which is a creation of highly-skilled artisans in ByEnzo Jewelry.

initial engraving in wheat chain platinum bracelet from ByEnzo Jewelry

Initial Engraving in ByEnzo Jewelry

Engraving any characters in English, or other languages, or even it is the handwritten character of your signature on the clasp. ByEnzo jewelry has always believed that imprinting handwritten initial is a sign of ownership that thrills everyone.

Instead of engraving initial, a symbol is another option as well. If you have any ideas, our group of professional designers would present the most satisfactory design for you. Your satisfaction has been the ultimate goal of ours.

Read more about the initial engraving services

Comfortable Wheat Chain Necklace Design

A wheat chain or called Spiga chain formed by four strands of twisted oval links, it has a similar appearance as a rope chain from a distance. While the wheat chain is ‘woven’ and ‘braided’ together, making a splendidly charming cylinder rope necklace chain. As ByEnzo Jewelry handcrafted every piece of the component for each chain, we ensure the highest quality that we created with solid platinum.

box chain platinum bracelet for men ByEnzo Jewelry

Platinum Hallmarking in ByEnzo Jewelry

ByEnzo is committed to bringing the highest quality platinum jewelry to our customers. Therefore, all finished products must have passed rigorous quality inspection, platinum purity test, for instance. Since we place our customer’s right at the first place, ByEnzo jewelry promises to provide you with the highest quality assurance.

So each piece of inspected jewelry will be engraved with a purity approval mark; for example, the year of manufacture, ByEnzo’s trademark, and the customer ID. Therefore, to ensure that our distinguished customers receive the purest, most authentic and most perfect platinum, and are platinum jewelry that meets the PT 950 standard.

Platinum chain bracelet ByEnzo Pt950 handcrafted bespoke

100% Handcrafted Jewelry

ByEnzo Jewelry promises that we handcraft ALL platinum chains and claps. In addition, conducting the highest level of quality control. As a result, the craftsmanship presented is the best of the best.

Indeed, handcrafted platinum jewelry is not commonly found due to its production complexity. Yet, ByEnzo is your reliable platinum jewelry marker. Hence, you can sense the handcraftsmanship from ByEnzo's platinum jewelry which is different from the machine-made accessory, for instance. 

Finally, ByEnzo guarantees you can find the most delicate Men's platinum jewelry, for example, chain necklaces, chain bracelets, and arabesque pendants.  By aiming to deliver the ultimate sophistication, our designers and artisans are withholding the purest and simplest thoughts, in which pursing the excel in handcrafted Platinum jewelry.


Create the one and only one jewelry with ByEnzo now.

If you have any ideas in mind, please do not hesitate to tell us, and our design team will try our best to assist you in realizing your dream. Besides, our artisans have over 20 years of sophisticated experiences that could, for sure, create the most ideal and precious jewelry for you. You may visit our blog for more Bespoke archives.

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Platinum chain bracelet ByEnzo Pt950 handcrafted


Please get started by consulting with ByEnzo's
experienced staff and complete the unique
Platinum jewelry with us.

bespoke custom made handcraftsmanship curb cuban chain bracelet from byenzo jewelry


You will learn about how special and
different from ByEnzo’s Platinum.

Platinum chain for men bracelet with the dual safety clasp


Designing your own bracelet by engraving initials



Without any doubt, we believed and insisted in craftsmanship.

Platinum chain bracelet ByEnzo Pt950 handcrafted bespoke

ByEnzo was established since 2002. A brand focus on delicate Men's Platinum Jewelry, bracelet, necklace, pendant, and ring, for instance; as well as emphasizing the hand craftsmanship spirit. All of the jewelry is handcrafted for sure. In order to satisfy the need in creating a personalized ornament, ByEnzo is offering Bespoke service as well. We have a group of skillful and talented artisans who can turn your design into reality

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