ByEnzo Rolo Chain Necklace in Platinum, 5mm

The perfection of its rounded design made the 5mm Rolo chain necklace a contemporary classic piece of platinum jewelry for men. The half-round wire links reflect a deliberately minimalist and elegant approach revealing the subtle beauty of these curving lines. An ideal chain to go with our pendant collection.



  • Material : Platinum 950
  • Width : 5mm
  • Length : 52cm
    (Select the length option)
  • Web ID : 5PR019N-5mm
  • Brand : Created for ByEnzoยฉ


chain bracelet necklace pendant ByEnzo Pt950 jewelry Platinum

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Width 5mm

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US $ 3,176

Width 3mm

US $2,528

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Product Info


Understated Elegance Meets Perfection.

Designed in a spirit of casual elegance and comfort enhanced by the perfection of its celebrated oval links interlocked in a uniform pattern, the 5mm Rolo chain also called the Belcher chain is a quest for essentials. The beauty of this necklace for men lies in its understated design and extremely clean line that blends harmoniously with the radiance of platinum. Behind its pared-back minimalism is a concern for every detail closely aligned with the heritage of fine jewelry.

rolo chain bust display holder
details of the chain necklace
close-up picture of jewelry for men
details of the chain necklace
close-up picture of the 5mm rolo chain
close-up picture of the 5mm rolo chain
5mm chain necklace

โ€œ The Rolo chain in pure platinum (PT950) is the supreme expression of luxury offering a blend of fine craftsmanship and harmonious lines.โ€


Subtly fashioned and infinitely refined, the Rolo chain handmade from 950 platinum will become your best companion throughout life due to its hypoallergenic and enduring nature. Simply worn alone or with a pendant, it will be the perfect complementary piece to any outfit. This will look amazing whatever your style, and would also make a thoughtful gift to that special someone. Feel the true craftsmanship around your neck.

man wearing a black skirt and a cross pendant necklace around his neck

A man wearing the 5mm Rolo chain necklace.

man wearing a black skirt and a cross pendant necklace around his neck

A man wearing the 5mm Rolo chain necklace.


The Flexibility In Creating Your Desired Piece.

The Platinum Rolo chain necklace comes with a wide range of width and length selections to customize your desired chain while expressing your personality. The thinner 3mm Rolo makes a delicate chain excellent for showing off pendants on necklaces. Alternatively, the traditional wider and chunky 5mm links create a robust-looking chain suitable for men who want to strengthen their confidence. Play with length to master the art of layering and stacking necklaces.

Take a glance at the first-class bespoke service of ByEnzo, pushing the boundaries of personalization.

Bespoke Service
layered chain necklace. 3mm, 4mm and 5mm rolo chain
details of the unlocking clasp system


Seeking For Beauty And Reliability.

Designed in-house by our artisans with the aim of seeking for beauty and reliability, the clasp gives the Rolo chain all its noble character. Functional in essence, the clasp becomes the jewel, while ensuring an enhanced security level thanks to a tiny spring in its mechanism that keeps the arm closed until you push on the lever. Its solid body in platinum prevents the chain necklace from damage during daily movements as well as exercising. Wear it on an everyday basis with complete peace of mind.


The Noblest Of Materials.

Rare and precious, Platinum is renowned in fine jewelry creation for maintaining its natural silvery-whiteness and vibrant luminosity appearance over time. It also stands out for its remarkable resistance to damage due to its high durability and density properties. ByEnzo exclusively uses *950 platinum, an alloy consisting of 95% pure platinum to offer wearers a distinctive look and a unique feel unlike any other metal. The noblest of metals for the finest of chain necklaces.

*All pieces of ByEnzo Jewelry are stamped with the Hallmark of 950 Platinum, a guarantee of excellence and purity of the platinum.

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Jewelry stamped with the Hallmark of 950 Platinum on the clasp


Yes, we offer bespoke service. Please get in touch with us for more information.

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  1. Jenean

    I am using these to hold my miraculous Mary and St. Michael medallions and they look gorgeous. I was afraid that the necklace would be too delicate however itโ€™s holding up very nicely.

  2. Murphy

    Great quality and nice design. I bought this to replace the old one I have been wearing for the last couple of years, but I decided to buy a better one with better materials.
    So I decided to buy a Platinum necklace which is sturdy and robust! Nice design and craftsmanship, I appreciate that a lot

  3. Lily

    Love it! Good quality! I know itโ€™s platinum PT950 because Iโ€™m allergic to any cheap metals.

  4. Lisa

    Looks beautiful with my pendant.

  5. Kenny

    Looking great and well made, I think this necklace could last for a decade or more! Platinum is dense and weighty, I love this feeling on my neck

  6. Darcy Hayes-Williams

    I like the design, very good piece of jewelry.

    • ByEnzo Jewelry

      Dear Darcy,

      Thank you for purchasing our circular chain-5mm necklace. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

      Best regards,
      ByEnzo Jewelry

  7. Ann

    This chain is elegant and sturdy. Fast shipping. Love this chain.

  8. Murray

    Bought this necklace to replace one that broke that held my pendant. Very happy with purchase. Package arrived in a very timely manner.

  9. illlle

    Good quality

  10. Campbell

    Bought as a replacement for my Tiffany chain, I wear it everyday and itโ€™s great ๐Ÿ™‚ fast shipping too!

  11. Hunter

    This is great piece of necklace it can go w/so many outfits and so many different styles even to dress up a casual outfit a bit. i think this is a classic style and timeless. I ordered in the 18 and enjoyed the look so much

  12. Phillips

    I use it to wear my husbands wedding ring and I feel very secure using it. It is also very attractive looking.

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