Platinum Men’s Pendant 3ps107

US $ 6,239.00

The god of the Sun, Apollo is a god who gives human brightness and warmth. As a result, ByEnzo was inspired and created this special featured pendant.


  • Material : Platinum 950
    To sum up, this design is a mixture and the modern and natural beauty. The backside of the stunning details enhances the beauty and technical maturity of the work.
  • Length : 52cm
    (Select the length option)
  • Web ID : 3PS105
  • Brand : Created for ByEnzo©


  • Pendant size
    chain bracelet necklace pendant ByEnzo Pt950 jewelry Platinum

    It is the size of the basic size and there may be slight difference depending on the manufacturing process.
  • Chain size
    Chain measures 4mm wide x 52cm Length.
    The chain basically uses the 4mm wide The Earl Men’s Necklace Lock Platinum Chain. You can also select the length from the product option.

    View – The Earl Men’s Necklace Lock Platinum Chain -4mm →


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US $ 6,239.00

* Price depends on length.
* Chain length measurement guide →

Product Info


Platinum Chain Necklace

Can be worn with Standard 4.0mm necklace and Platinum is a completely harmless material to human body and color would not fade out.


Jewelry with your own story is called a work because it contains memories and symbols that do not fade. Simply creating what you want is not the essence of custom-made. The experience of when I find something that has the same thing in the mass produced and reflects my personality with its own meaning and cherishes its own meaning accompanies an uncomfortable feeling that something of my own is exposed.

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100% Handmade

The most detrimental factor for chain product in quality is length and unification and we are working hard to achieve the best situation that the chain necklace can be. Not to mention, brightness can also be handled manually. Indeed, you can feel the differences because of the details.
As we are not in mass production, but hand-making all products by our craftsmen, we can definitely provide you the best feeling from our products.
The highlight of this chain jewellery is the elegance of the initials engraving on the joint.


ByEnzo was established since 2002 with over 30 years of mature techniques and skills in handling the best material Platinum. Enzo insists on upholding craftsmanship spirit in all of the products we made. Start from design, processing to finishing and after sales services, we would like to invite our valued customers to involve in the whole creation process in order to create the best piece of work.


ByEnzo is under Enzo Limited Company that based in South Korea. All products can be purchased in our mother company and you could consult any kinds of information from Enzo as well.

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Bespoke is available.

Our team will communicate with you and based on your idea in order to sketch the draft. Then, we will create a 3D draft that you can view the design in a more realistic way. We always welcome opinions at anytime and create the best bespoke accessory according to your wish.
ByEnzo will share files with you through Google docs, so please provide email or any social media that we could contact you for further procedures.

Please go to ‘Measurement Method’ page for more information.

Yes, we support engraving service. In ByEnzo, we provide various character styles for you to select and you are welcome to select any one from it.

We could provide some recommendations on which style is the mostly picked.

We are sorry that all bespoke items could not be cancelled. Therefore, please think twice before you place an bespoke order. Thank you for your understanding.

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