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  1. J

    Have only had for a week soo far but with all the positive reviews I must so far agree. Looks and feels absolutely awesome. Great service and prompt delivery and nice work as well!

  2. JD

    I read a lot of the reviews and I though the chain should match with my expectations, so I emailed and asked for more information. I like how does it weight on my neck and it is very dense but still beautifully crafted.

  3. P

    Wonderful deal with such a nice sold pt chain, fast delivery and nice craftsmanship.

  4. B

    I have a very active lifestyle, like running, fishing and swimming, and I wear this chain with me all the time. No need to worry about rusting or else, pt is pure and I use a cloth to wipe it time by time. Having the chain with me for about a month, and I am happy with the purchase and everything was nicely made.

  5. MW

    Good?quality, decent weight, no rusting, no flaking. This is?good?quality. Not fake.