Bespoke the 5-carat Diamond Platinum Cross Pendant for over 250 hours Part 2

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication’

This is ByEnzo’s core belief and design spirit

Bespoke the 5-carat Diamond Cross Platinum Pendant Jewelry for over 250 hours

ByEnzo bespoke jewelry for men


  The accumulated creation time of the bespoke 5-karat Diamond Cross Pendant has been over 250 hours. The Platinum chain made of 20 independent cylinders where each component can be rotated and move smoothly along with the chain. To achieve perfection alignment, it requires extreme precision, and this is what ByEnzo is always pursuing. To read more about the creation process of the bespoke process, click Bespoke Jewelry to learn more.

Perfect Combination between Diamond & Platinum

The starting point of the work-Jewelry Sketching

  Customers who request to custom made an order cannot create the real piece of jewelry that formed in their mind, and they have concepts and ideas in what to create. What ByEnzo does is to transform your vision into reality.

  Of course, the design of what you have imagined might change a bit during the production process, and our artisans will give some professional advice. But our prime principle is to respect the customer’s opinion and works. For example, during the custom made process, we have discussed a lot in how to present the diamond platinum pendant and chain with the best results.

The brilliance of 478 diamonds for the pendant
5-carat of Diamond set on Platinum made Cross Pendant

The picture below shows a wax model of the pendant, and it was created through a 3D printer with the latest technology. The holes in the body are to set up diamonds and colored jewelry with extremely accurate measurements up to a 0.01 mm difference only.

The reason that there are four concaved setting on the cross is because of the following reasons:

1. The concaved locations are to set the colored diamond
2. To ensure the prong settings are strong enough to hold the diamonds and prevent from falling off the pendant.

As the hardness of colored jewelry is not as high as diamond, there can be damage or scratches caused by impact; hence, a strong prong setting is essential to protect the colored jewelry. So the design of the prong setting has adopted a bezel-type prong setting that completely covers the jewelry.

To maximize the splendor from the colored jewelry, we have adopted oval cutting instead of the traditional cutting. This could improve the shininess of the whole pendant.

Prong setting for the colored diamond jewelry

  Both colored jewelry were set up together inside the prong and covered by another component. Most likely, people will pick a 4-feet prong setting for diamonds or jewelry; however, our clothes and other daily activity will create some impacts on the pendant, especially the colored jewelry. Therefore, ByEnzo has been considering how to protect and set colored jewelry most securely. Finally, we come up with this design, all-rounded coverage, and both colored jewelry can be placed at the same time.


Assemble the Diamond Platinum Pendant 

 The diamond set in the necklace with 478 diamonds on the front and back, which is equivalent to a total weight of 5 carats. What’s remarkable about the whole diamond-set jewelry is that the surface glitters with the diamonds.

  Diamonds are set with many prong, but when they are finished, it is shine as if they are surrounded by diamonds alone. Using a total of 1,900 prongs and 478 pieces of diamond. Since our artisans have to create more than 1900 prongs on a cross pendant, it is extreme difficult and require a high level of craftsmanship skills in producing a perfect pendant. 

The end of the grand finale

Platinum Cross Necklace was a project that took about 20 days and took about a month actually to build and craft the pendant and chain. (Actually, it’s an estimated time. It must have been a long time.)

We are sure the customer who placed the order was curious about the outcome, but I also put a lot of effort into thinking and imagining what the result would look like. This kind of work, of course, is expensive and can be made in a short period, so we would like to thank the customer for taking such a long time and waiting.

ByEnzo’s custom-made jewelry requires a lot of time and thought in designing and creating sample models before going into production. Every single step has to be planned carefully and designed so that we will not fail in the middle.

This is the reason why the price is also relatively high, and we believed that every high-quality product deserves that price.
Not many people buy jewelry at such a high price. But for anyone who knows the true beauty of jewelry, Bespoke Jewelry is something that you have to do it once in your life.

About ByEnzo

Since 2002, our Seoul-based business has been synonymous with high-quality jewelry, a long-standing tradition, and masculine elegance. ByEnzo Jewelry does not only insist on the tradition of hand craftsmanship, but we are also embracing the new crafting technologies. ByEnzo Jewelry will continue the work and passion in creating high-end men's platinum jewelry, with the same dedication.
If you have any quires, Please send us Email.

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