Differences between Cuban & Double Cuban Chain

The Differences Between The Cuban and Double Cuban Chain

As we have mentioned why should you choosing Platinum Necklace chain in the previous article. Let me point out a few points of differences in the PT 950 curb chain necklace design. First of all, the main difference is the number of chains consisted. 

The Dual curb chain necklace consists of twice more chains than the Standard curb chain necklace; however, the design of the individual chains are different, and this difference is significant to note.

Double Cuban Chain’s Design

  1. Every single chain is thinner on both sides than the Standard’s chains. So, the weight of each dual necklace’s chain is lighter than each standard necklace’s chain. 
  2. Even though the number of chains is twice as much as the standard necklace within the same length, but the actual weight of the dual chain is not necessarily twice heavier than the standard chain. 

*Please note that even though the product is called the ‘Standard’ and the ‘Dual,’ both PT 950 curb chain necklace have no direct relationship with the weight since the chain design itself is different. 

Craftsmanship Differentiation 

The production of double cuban chain necklace requires more sophisticated craftsmanship than the cuban chain necklace due to the difficulties in handling smaller components as well as longer processing time. 


Features of the Cuban chain necklace

ByEnzo Jewelry highly recommends wearing the cuban chain necklace with a formal suit, while wearing the Double Cuban chain necklace with sporty outwear. 

Cuban Chain Necklace:

 The cuban chain necklace delivers a more masculine sensation since each chain is larger and thicker in each dimension; as a result, providing a more mannish and heavy feeling to the wearer. We usually recommend users who would prefer wearing a Platinum chain that gives a brighter glow and eye-catching chain necklace. 

 Double Cuban Chain Necklace:

 While on the other hand, the double cuban chain necklace delivers a more subtle sensation as each chain is thinner and smaller, hence creating a smoother and sleeker chain that laid on your skin firmly. So, we would recommend wearing the Double Cuban chain necklace with the sporty wear that is in a lower profile. 


Both chain necklaces have their characteristics and features while according to our experiences and expertise. We would say that the 6mm Double Cuban is a more preferable chain necklace among our male customers in South Korea. While for western customers, they usually prefer the mannish and robust features like the 7mm Cuban chain necklace. 


Last but not least, if you are still unsure about choosing which width and length, you could always drop us an email! One of our experienced staff will advise you with the best option according to your body measurements. 

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