Reasons to wear Platinum instead of gold?

‘Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication’

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  Do you know that Platinum is an extremely rare metal, occurring at a concentration of only 0.005 ppm in Earth’s crust? Also Platinum is even rarer than Gold? Why Platinum’s color will never fade out literally?

  You might have heard of Gold and silver as a type of metal to create beautifully made jewelry. While, have you heard of Platinum? You might have seen it but misunderstood Platinum as Silver because its color is same as Silver, giving you a bright and clean feeling.

Platinum has excellent resistance to corrosion and is stable at high temperatures. Also, it has stable electrical properties that Platinum is being used in industrial wise as well. However, more importantly, because of its fade-lessness feature as well as its rareness. Platinum is even better to use for making jewelry. The best way to represent your changeless love story!

You do not even need to worry if it might be oxidized easily just like silver. Due to Platinum’s chemical features, it will NOT fade like Silver.

Chemical Wise

Chemical wise, Platinum is a chemical element with symbol Pt and atomic number 78. It is a dense, malleable, ductile, highly nonreactive, precious, silverish-white transition metal. Also, its name is derived from the Spanish term platino, meaning “little silver”. Platinum is more ductile than gold, silver or copper, thus being the most ductile of pure metals, but it is less malleable than gold.

Platinum Chain for Men

According to The Times of India, the trend of wearing a piece of Platinum jewelry is becoming more and more popular in India, sales for Platinum jewelry is growing annually, especially for the Men’s section. Are you still struggling in where to buy a Platinum chain or bracelet? Especially chain for Man is not that prevalent yet, while in ByEnzo, you can find the best and finely made Platinum chain, bracelet, and pendant. Every jewelry is in the best quality and beautifully handcrafted.

The Earl Collection Platinum Chain for Men

The Platinum Standard Chain is the best chain for Men, it is in Lock Chain style, and every chain is connected smoothly. The natural glow from the Platinum chain is exquisite, and ByEnzo believed that this is the most suitable Man’s jewelry for a mature gentleman.

We offer Free worldwide shipping, and you can find the best price for the best Platinum chains and designs in ByEnzo.

Lock Platinum Chain Bracelet

Width: 4 mm, Length: 21 mm

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About ByEnzo

Since 2002, our Seoul-based business has been synonymous with high-quality jewelry, a long-standing tradition, and masculine elegance. ByEnzo Jewelry does not only insist on the tradition of hand craftsmanship, but we are also embracing the new crafting technologies. ByEnzo Jewelry will continue the work and passion in creating high-end men's platinum jewelry, with the same dedication.
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