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Cuban Chain. A Part Of The Jewelry History.


Jewelry creation has been a long history in European history. It dates back to the medieval period (5th to the 15th century, the Middle Ages, where jewelry belongs to the extremely wealthy, noble, or royal person. The most used metals in creating jewelry have always been gold and silver since then. In contrast, thanks to technological advancements and our craftsmanship skills, we could make fabulous jewelry with different metals, Platinum (PT 950), for instance. This article will discuss how to select a fine piece of Cuban link chain for men and why those factors are important while choosing the right piece of jewelry for yourself or your beloved ones.

Even though there are dozens of types of Cuban chains from online shops or branded fashion boutiques, the Cuban chain’s quality varies according to the manufacturing process and metal selection; therefore, thinking of the essential factors in purchasing a Cuban chain. Here are the three most crucial factors you might find helpful when considering which Cuban chain to purchase, but there is not such a good chain or bad chain, just the chain that fulfills what you are looking for.

ByEnzo’s Platinum Cuban Chain Necklace in 7mm

We will take about the metal type, solidness (related to weight), and the width and length you should choose. 

Metal types. Platinum of the Cuban chain link


Gold, Silver, or Titanium are ubiquitous metals used to create Cuban chain link necklaces or bracelets. Yet, there is another type of unique metal: Platinum, in creating a dense and heavy silver-white color Cuban chain. But what are the differences in these types of metals? Obviously, the Cuban chain link in Gold will be in yellow, and for the rest, the Cuban chain will be in silver-white. Due to metal density, the Platinum Cuban chain will be the heaviest, followed by Gold, Titanium, and Silver. Also, jewelry made with pure Gold and Platinum would not oxidize, yet silver and titanium will oxidize as time goes by. Even if Platinum, Silver, and Titanium have similar color tones, the metal nature and market values are entirely different. Out of these three metals, Platinum is a type of precious metal with a high market value as Gold; on the other hand, Silver and Titanium are neither precious metals nor rare; therefore, the market value is relatively low.

“Accentuate your outfit with the rare Platinum Cuban Chain”

So in case you are looking for a piece of jewelry that could last for a long time and even passing it to your next generation, considering either Gold or Platinum will be a wiser choice since Silver and Titanium will oxidize over time and loss the glow. Also, the resell value is higher for the Gold and Platinum chain.

A hallmark of PT950 from ByEnzo Jewelry

Solidness. The Structure Of Cuban Chain Ensure An Extreme Durability.

Most chains you could found are hollow or just coated, which means the selling price will be relatively lower. However, suppose you would like to seek the density that came from the metal itself and enjoyed a solid chain. In that case, you should consider a solid Platinum Cuban chain since Platinum is the heaviest metal among the commonly used metal, for instance, Gold, Silver, or Titanium, etc. Even though the selling price of a piece of solid Platinum chain would be high, the enjoyment of the dense and weighty feeling could not be replaced by other types of metals.
A Solid platinum Cuban link chain is a piece of jewelry that is highly suitable for the gentleman that would love to accentuate their outfit with high quality and low profile jewelry to fit their daily wear.

Engrave on the clasp

Suitable. Different Width & Length To Reflect Your Personality.

Different body shapes and body measurements, even for the same chain width, would cause different results on you. Let say both gentlemen are 6 feet tall, but Mr. A is 90kg, and Mr. B is 75kg. Even there are wearing the same 7mm Platinum Cuban chain necklace; people will perceive their temperament differently. Long sentence short, a slimmer person could wear a thinner chain like 6mm in width in order not to be too ‘exaggerated,’ yet a bulkier person could wear a thicker chain like 8mm or even 10mm, and others would not think that is being ‘too much’.

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