The Charm of Precious Metal Platinum- the Lock Chain Necklace


Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication’

This is ByEnzo’s core belief and design spirit

The Charm of the precious metal PT950 Men’s Lock Chain Necklace

The extraordinary sensuous designs are also an expression of individuality,
Men’s platinum necklaces show a secret but masculine image.

Let’s explore this sophisticatedly designed and appreciate the charm and beauty of the dense Platinum Lock chain necklace.

In this article, we are going to share he TOP 3 reasons why should you wear Platinum Lock Chain Necklace! 


1. Dense Feeling from the precious metal Platinum

The feeling of how the lock chain rotates and moves around your neck is unique, and some people love that dense feeling on their neck. Platinum is the only precious metal that can deliver such a dense while elegant look to men, even the royal families love using Platinum in their jewerly, too.

Another charm of the lock chain necklace is the well-made connection. Every chain is connectedly smoothly without any kink in the chain during vigorous movement.

ByEnzo Jewelry aims to deliver the ultimate glorious charm of Platinum; therefore, each part of the necklace is carefully crafted by our artisans.

Above all, the distinctive dense white luster of platinum is enough to catch everyone’s sight.

“Lock Chain Necklace from the Earl Collection is beloved by many sports lovers in ByEnzo.”

2. Most Durable Precious Metal in the WORLD!

Platinum is well-known as the most durable precious metal in the world, in our previous article, we have mentioned Why is Platinum the best precious metal for jewelry?

Briefly speaking, thanks to the natural feature of Platinum, its density is the highest among the commonly known precious metal, for example, gold, silver, and alumina. Therefore, solid Platinum is exceptionally durable and applying on jewelry, and you do not have to worry about scratches on the jewelry at all.

When you are doing sports, you can feel free to enjoy the dense from the Platinum lock chain necklace and not to worry about creating scratches.

3. Color will NEVER fade

Most of the metal’s color will fade after a few years of wearing; however, platinum jewelry will not lead to such a problem. Thanks to Platinum’s natural chemical feature, it is incredibly non-reactive towards other chemical reactions; thus, no oxidization that will lead to the color-changing or fading issue. But, color fading will happen on gold and silver coating jewelry. 

If you want to posses a piece of jewelry that can last forever literally, you should consider Platinum as your first choice. I promise you will never regret your own choice! 


ByEnzo’s Platinum Lock Chain Necklace 

ByEnzo offers high-quality Platinum Lock chain necklace; every chain is authenticity with the best PT 950. Every piece of jewelry is authorized and verified by the local institution so that you can purchase safely without concerns. To protect our customer’s consumers’ right, we follow the traditional hallmarking system to prove the purity of the piece of jewelry. In the article of What is hallmarking will have further details about hallmarking. 

Product detail of The Lock Chain Necklace in ByEnzo

The Beautifully Made Mechanical Linking Device

ByEnzo fully understands the importance of a secure clasp on a piece of fine jewelry. No one would like to have their precious fine jewelry fall off accidentally, so ByEnzo has paid extra attention to how to improve the durability of the clasp.
Art comes from detail, which determines success or failure.

ByEnzo believes that the ultimate aesthetic significance of a man’s jewelry is not only to show the appearance of the atmosphere but also to contain a calm inner. Therefore, the clasp attached to the bracelet or necklace has its practicability and beauty. From your point of view, we fully understand that you want to keep the jewelry in the best condition and avoid bumping and falling, so we design an excellent and reliable clasp that is not easy to fall off.

ByEnzo’s dual security lock perfectly solves your worries, the dual security lock can firmly fasten the chain together, in your daily life, or during exercises, the dual security device will never fall off.

100% Handcrafted Men’s Platinum Jewelry

All the chain and claps were handcrafted carefully by our artisans. We conduct a high level of quality control before it is displayed in front of you. So, you can sense the luxurious sensation while looking at this masterpiece-like men jewelry.

ByEnzo promises that you can find the most delicate Men jewelry with the best craftsmanship and quality. By aiming to deliver the ultimate sophistication, our designers and artisans are withholding the purest and simplest thoughts, in which pursing the excel in handcrafted Platinum jewelry.

Free Handwritten Initial Engraving Service

You can engrave your handwritten initial on the platinum jewelry to show your characteristics and style. Since ByEnzo is aiming to deliver the best personalizing service to our distinguished customers for better customer experiences.

Bespoke Service in ByEnzo

So, custom-made or bespoke your ideal width for your chain now. ByEnzo is providing the best-handcrafted Platinum chains, bracelets, and pendants. We use PT 950 in creating all of our products. Therefore we are proud to say that the quality is the best in ByEnzo.

About ByEnzo

Since 2002, our Seoul-based business has been synonymous with high-quality jewelry, a long-standing tradition, and masculine elegance. ByEnzo Jewelry does not only insist on the tradition of hand craftsmanship, but we are also embracing the new crafting technologies. ByEnzo Jewelry will continue the work and passion in creating high-end men's platinum jewelry, with the same dedication.
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