Steps to engrave handwritten style Initials

  The handwritten style Initial engraving service is beloved by ByEnzo’s customers since this engraving service is not commonly found. ByEnzo pursues the ultimate craftsmanship sensation; therefore, we have launched the handwritten style Initial engraving service. The engraving service is free of charge for every customers. For sure, we will assist you in achieving the best engraving results with our professional knowledge.

Engraving from ByEnzo Jewelry

  We believe that It must be an exciting thing to be able to imprint a handwritten signature on platinum that represents permanent, constant platinum. Have you ever thought that your handwritten character can be presented on the jewelry? Now, you can complete this goal with our technical support. Start to engrave your personalized initials on ByEnzo’s jewelry or check with our Bespoke service with the ultimate custom-made experiences. 

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Step 1

Draft the initial

Please write down the characters you would like to engrave on the jewelry, regardless of the language and font style. While, please make sure you are using a BLACK marker pen to jot down for the best outcome. Also, please be aware of not using any papers other than plain white paper.

initial engraving byenzo jewelry platinum

Step 2 

Afterward, please take a picture of your work. Please be aware of the angle you are taking, and it is crucial to keep 90 degrees vertically between the camera or phone and the paper.

Step 3

By finishing all the steps stated above, please send the work to us through Email.


  • Please use a black marker pen to write down the initials on a plain white paper.
  • Try to send us HD (High definition) pictures of your work.
  • Let us know if you have any difficulties or queries during the process, and we are glad to assist you.
handwritten initial engraving on platinum bracelet clasp

Bespoke the handwritten initials in your languages

The signature engraving is one of the most popular services, any characters in Chinese, English, other languages, or even it is the handwritten character of your signature. Please check out more initial designs from ByEnzo Platinum Jewelry

If you do not have a clue, you can design it with our designers. The content of the imprint is not limited, as long as in the range of the button size, any totem or letter can be engraved.

Give full play to your ideas, and then we can achieve your thoughts. The most exquisite design and the entire process will be given to you, and we are looking forward to your story.