Absolutely an incredible masterpiece at the top of the chain necklace world, the Cuban style is believed to be considered a symbol of the most demanding chain necklaces for its supreme style and versatility. 

Length and Width Options

The ByEnzo’s Cuban link chain is available in various widths, including 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, and 10mm. Explore more to review the lengths to suit your tastes. If you have further questions about sizing, please do not hesitate to contact us via Email

Handcrafted Chain

Due to the metal nature of Platinum’s composition, ByEnzo’s Platinum chains are ultra-durable, dense, and solid. Furthermore, owing to our highly experienced artisan team has accomplished complex craftsmanship tasks to create a beautiful and luxurious Platinum Cuban link chain piece.

So, the birth of a solid and heavy Platinum Chain is a condensing work of hundreds of hours from our top-class artisan team.

Platinum Chain in ByEnzo Jewelry

Despite being rare and precious, the Platinum chain offers wearers a unique look and feel that is not similar to any other metal. To emphasize, in ByEnzo Jewelry, we hallmarked PT950 to guarantee your Platinum chain is made from authentic Platinum alloy. Besides, a product certificate will be attached to verify the item purchased.