*We are offering the Pendant in three different colors, including Yellow, Rose, and White.
You can select the color from below.
It is not a coating, but using actual 18K Gold to make the integral component.

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18k White Gold
+ Platinum 950

18k Yellow Gold
+ Platinum 950

18k Rose Gold
+ Platinum 950

ByEnzo Jewelry

Platinum Men’s Pendant The Fortune Compass 3PS180

The first work of the “Adventurer” collection is “The Compass”.
Compass, which will guide the basic instincts of men who challenge and challenge their ideals in the big jungle of society, expect that they will be a good companion in that sense. You will be able to fully appreciate the splendor and detail of Kinetic Jewelry, which was born with the technology of ByEnzo.


  • Material : Platinum 950 + 18k
    It is a pendant necklace with a carefully crafted compass.
    The combination of platinum’s deep color and 18k gold in yellow color gives it a dynamic and luxurious look and the central rotating direction plate gives you the sophistication and high tech details of kinetic jewelery.
  • Length : 52cm
    (Select the length option)
  • Web ID : 3PS181
  • Brand : Created for ByEnzo©


  • Pendant size

    It is the size of the basic size and there may be slight difference depending on the manufacturing process.
  • Chain size
    Chain measures 4mm wide x 52cm Length.
    The chain basically uses the 4mm wide The Earl Men’s Necklace Lock Platinum Chain. You can also select the length from the product option.

    View – The Earl Men’s Necklace Lock Platinum Chain -4mm →


Free delivery service is included.

After completing the transaction, the product will usually be arriving within 10 working days. Depending on the delivery region, it takes between 3 and 7 days to complete the delivery. We will afford the fee whenever there is extra fee occur during the process. For special regions, please write us mail for more information.

All purchase item will be packed carefully.

We deeply understand that all the products you have ordered from us are extremely precious to you, so we will do our best in order to send out the products carefully and promtly. We include a high-end leather case for each product purchased but if you would like to change into wooden case, it is possible as well.

US $ 8,235.00


* Price depends on length.
* Chain length measurement guide →

Product Info

100% Handmade

The most detrimental factor for chain product in quality is length and unification and we are working hard to achieve the best situation that the chain necklace can be. Not to mention, brightness can also be handled manually. Indeed, you can feel the differences because of the details.
As we are not in mass production, but hand-making all products by our craftsmen, we can definitely provide you the best feeling from our products.
The highlight of this chain jewellery is the elegance of the initials engraving on the joint.


ByEnzo was established since 2002 with over 30 years of mature techniques and skills in handling the best material Platinum. Enzo insists on upholding craftsmanship spirit in all of the products we made. Start from design, processing to finishing and after sales services, we would like to invite our valued customers to involve in the whole creation process in order to create the best piece of work.


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