Men’s Platinum Rolo Chain

Platinum Necklace

The perfection of its rounded design, the Platinum Rolo chain necklace is a contemporary classic piece of jewelry for men. The half-round wire links reflect a deliberately minimalist and elegant approach revealing the subtle beauty of these curving lines. An ideal platinum chain to go with our pendant collection.

A 3mm men's platinum rolo link chain necklace with a durable clasp

Width 5mm

USD 5,486

Width 4mm

USD 4,963

Width 3mm

USD 3,322

Platinum Bracelet

An ideal Rolo chain bracelet to go with your everyday look. The unisex 4mm Rolo chain bracelet design is a combo of the sturdy image and the delicate sensation, which is suitable to wear with smart casual or formal suits. 

Width 5mm

USD 2,748

Width 4mm

USD 2,476