ByEnzo’s Dual Security Device for Platinum Jewelry

Dual security device for Platinum Jewelry
Secure and Safe to wear 

ByEnzo’s Dual Security Device

Every dual security clasp installed on the platinum chain necklace is specially designed by our artisans. In order to enhance the security level and durability of the clasp, ByEnzo has developed the clasp by our own. ByEnzo is proud to say that this is a piece of platinum jewelry does not have to sacrifice its practical functions while keeping its beauty at the same time.

Besides, by looking into the fine details, you can see and feel the platinum chain necklace as a piece of real art.


Design & Specifications of the clasp in the Jewelry

The dual security device is applied in both Platinum bracelet & Platinum necklace

Dual Security Device Design from ByEnzo

Four Characteristics of the Dual Security Device:

Diamond shape Inner Surface to increase the durability of the clasp (dual security device)

To increase the durability of the clasp, which is the dual security device, we have processed the clasp by adding the diamond-shaped pattern. The reason for doing so is not only for beautifying purpose but, more importantly, is to strengthen the clasp itself.

Platinum jewelry is weighty and dense, where other metals could not compare in the jewelry field. Therefore, it is essential to create a strong, sturdy, and durable clasp to hold the piece of jewelry, no matter it is a platinum bracelet or a platinum necklace. So, there is no need in concerning falling off the chain during daily activity or while playing sports.

Two-layer block to prevent falling

There are two humps inside the clasp, which is to prevent falls off. What if the clasp is loosened due to unexpected forces, then the humps could slow down the speed of falling off from the wrist and could protect the chain from starches. Even though Platinum is a starch resistance metal, this is a piece of precious jewelry that you would love to keep in good condition. By upholding this faith, ByEnzo has created this dual security device. 


Initial engraving on the platinum clasp

Engraving handwriting characters on the Platinum jewelry can be amazing.
ByEnzo allows you to bespoke and engrave initials on the dual security device clasp.

Take a moment as the eternal, make the platinum become the ‘the container’ that carries your most unforgettable moment, even though the time passes, the moment can be preserved.

These are the examples of initials or symbol engraving on the dual security clasp with different platinum bracelet models, including the most popular Standard 011 Curb chain platinum bracelet and the Lock 021 Cable chain platinum bracelet

Handwritten Initial Engraving Service

You can engrave your handwritten initial on the platinum jewelry to show your characteristics and style. Since ByEnzo is aiming to deliver the best personalizing service to our distinguished customers for better customer experiences.

Bespoke Service in ByEnzo

So, custom-made or bespoke your ideal width for your chain now. ByEnzo is providing the best-handcrafted Platinum chains, bracelets, and pendants. We use PT 950 in creating all of our products. Therefore we are proud to say that the quality is the best in ByEnzo.

ByEnzo Jewelry’s Craftsmanship Spirit

To sum up, the dual security device is a clasp that is functional and well made. ByEnzo’s artisans have been researching and experimenting on how to craft the best piece of Platinum jewelry, every piece of art that present in front of you has undergone countless days and nights of drafting, designing, and modeling. Well, craftsmanship spirit is what ByEnzo has been pursuing all the time. We truly believe that the devil is in the details.

ByEnzo will deliver the most exquisite piece of platinum jewelry in return to your trust and faith in us.

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