The Suit and Platinum Chain for MEN

Handcrafted Platinum Chain for Men 

In ByEnzo Jewelry, every platinum chains are handcrafted by experienced artisans withstanding the highest crafting standard. The reason we insist on hand craftsmanship is because of the pursue in the ultimate sophistication and the sensation of uniqueness. You could feel the fine differences between machine made jewelry and hand crafted jewelry from small details. We are proud to say that the the platinum chain in ByEnzo is the ultimate art-like craft that could be worn. 

Exquisite Clasp Design for Platinum Chain

A strong and durable clasp is necessary for a platinum chain, not only platinum necklace but also bracelet. Due to the heavy and dense weight of the platinum, platinum chains are relatively heavier, especially comparing to silver; therefore a stronger clasp would be required. The dual security clasp from ByEnzo Jewelry is an exclusive clasp that could hold the dense platinum chain and not only performing its functional feature but also as a design of the chain. Read more about the craftsmanship of the dual security clasp from ByEnzo Jewelry. 

A Dazzling Soulmate of a Man

Wanting to add some highlight on your daily suite? A piece of jewelry that shows your social class and identity yet keeping in a low profile. The platinum chain, especially the curb chain from the Earl Collection is the most recommend style for gentlemen. A typical and classy chain style for men that represents the masculine temperament. In ByEnzo Jewelry, we do offer two types of curb chain designs, including the Standard Curb Chain and the Dual Curb Chain in both the necklace and bracelet collection. The most recommended chain width is 10mm. In addition, every customers could enjoy the complimentary initial engraving service to engrave memorable initials and symbols on the clasp. 

Platinum Bracelet Chain for Men

The classic curb chain bracelet is one of the beloved jewelry from ByEnzo, which is a piece of ornament not only with formal suits but also with casual wear during a weekend or holiday. As the chain is connect accurately and firmly by our experienced artisans, and also fastened by the dual security clasp, you could wear this chain freely even if you are playing sports. 


The Earl Collection Bracelet Curb Chain

“Discovery the beauty and charm of the curb chain bracelet from ByEnzo Jewelry”

Platinum Chain Set for Men

ByEnzo Jewelry not only offer the platinum bracelet but also the platinum necklace, wearing the platinum chain set altogether and enjoy the dense and weighty feeling you have never ever experienced. 

The Charm of Platinum

A charming and dazzling precious metal originated from the earth, a pure and natural metal material that would never fade.  

About ByEnzo

Since 2002, our Seoul-based business has been synonymous with high-quality jewelry, a long-standing tradition, and masculine elegance. ByEnzo Jewelry does not only insist on the tradition of hand craftsmanship, but we are also embracing the new crafting technologies. ByEnzo Jewelry will continue the work and passion in creating high-end men's platinum jewelry, with the same dedication.
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