Men’s Platinum Necklace

Explore the most classic chain necklaces for men cast from Platinum (PT 950) and handcrafted by our talented artisans in Seoul. Timeless, iconic and durable, ByEnzo’s necklace chains are designed to last forever, solely or with our pendants. Engrave a personalized monogram on the clasp to create a truly unique piece of jewelry.

Men’s Wheat Chain Necklace

Platinum  4.7mm

Handcrafted with four strands of oval links, the Wheat chain necklace is featured by the seamless arrow pattern, and each link is woven and braided together to deliver a floating sensation on your skin. Be amazed by its unique combination of the fluid watery-like chain design.

Men’s Box Chain Necklace

Platinum  3.8mm

With its signature square-shaped links, the Box chain necklace is a powerful expression of masculinity, making the Box chain stands out from other chain designs. Available in 3.8mm and 4.3mm. Ideal pendant chain.

Men’s Cuban Chain Necklace

Platinum  7mm

One of our most beloved chain necklaces, the platinum Cuban chain, is a timeless and classic piece you should add to your jewelry collection. Symbol of masculine elegance, the Cuban chain necklace is characterized by a series of interconnected, uniform round links slightly twisted to make them lie flat and close together ensuring an extreme durability. Available in a wide variety of widths.

Cuban Chain in platinum

Width 10mm

US $ 21,630

Width 7mm

US $ 9,373

Width 6mm

US $ 7,837

Width 5mm

US $ 6,384

Men’s Double Cuban Chain Necklace

Platinum  8mm

The chunky yet sophisticated ByEnzo’s Double Cuban chain is an exclusive Platinum chain necklace that accentuates the look of the day. It is a variation based on the Cuban chain for a more abundance of sleek and smooth sensation while wearing around the neck. Definitely a head-turner on any occasion while asserting the essence of its wearer. Available in a wide variety of widths.

Double Cuban Chain in platinum

Width 8mm

US $ 12,016

Width 7mm

US $ 9,268

Width 6mm

US $ 7,617

Men’s Cable Chain Necklace

Platinum  6mm

ByEnzo’s Cable chain necklace seamlessly merges feminine with masculine elegance through a series of oval links connected one by one and carefully polished by our artisans. Its modern simplicity is the best spokesman of our craftsmanship spirit without the need to magnify its charm and sturdiness. A piece of must-have jewelry to complete your daily outfit.

cable chain in platinum

Width 6mm

US $ 6,499

Width 5mm

US $ 4,974

Width 4mm

US $ 4,180

Men’s Rolo Chain Necklace

Platinum  5mm

Its rounded design brings out the elegance and minimalism of the ByEnzo Rolo chain through the half-round wire links. Reveal the subtlety beauty of these curving lines. An ideal chain necklace to go with your pendant collection.

rolo chain in platinum

Width 5mm

US $ 4,138

Width 4mm

US $ 3,176

Width 3mm

US $2,528

Platinum chain bracelet ByEnzo Pt950 handcrafted


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Platinum jewelry with us.

bespoke custom made handcraftsmanship curb cuban chain bracelet from byenzo jewelry


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Platinum chain for men bracelet with the dual safety clasp


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Platinum chain bracelet ByEnzo Pt950 handcrafted bespoke

ByEnzo was established since 2002. A brand focus on delicate Men's Platinum Jewelry, bracelet, necklace, pendant, and ring, for instance; as well as emphasizing the hand craftsmanship spirit. All of the jewelry is handcrafted for sure. In order to satisfy the need in creating a personalized ornament, ByEnzo is offering Bespoke service as well. We have a group of skillful and talented artisans who can turn your design into reality

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