3 Reasons Men should wear Platinum Necklace Chain

Platinum is a symbol of maturity – A True Men

Dense, Durable & Dazzling Platinum

Platinum necklace is well-known for its dense weight among metals, it has almost the heaviest weight across precious metal. Of course heavier then silver, gold and not to mention copper. 

For your reference, the density of Platinum is 21.45 g/cm3.

One of the densest metal elements – almost twice as dense as lead – and very stable. Therefore, Platinum is also well-known for its hypo-allergy feature.


A Necklace for True MEN

You would need a piece of jewelry to show your identity and social status but not just simply showing off your wealth. Platinum is just the right piece of men’s jewelry for a gentlemen who is noble and low profile with manner.

Royal family selected Platinum as the precious metal to wear on themselves, you could share the nobility too by wearing ByEnzo’s Platinum Necklace.

Men’s Platinum Necklace standard curb chain-7mm

from ByEnzo Jewelry

Durable Platinum Necklace for Men

Platinum is durable because of its hardness, i.e. scratch resistance level, among most precious metal. According to The Mohs Scale of Hardness for Metals, platinum, which has a hardness of 4-4.5 (the higher the number, the harder it is, vice versa), so it is scratch resistance towards almost all conventional materials found in our daily life. However, gold and silver are not that scratch resistance comparing to Platinum. So, for your reference, gold, and silver, which have a hardness of 2.5-3. 

So, you might not want to wear a piece of jewelry with a low Mohs Scale of hardness, since scratches will be made easily even during a routine in your day, for example, bumping your jewelry into the desk and door accidentally or while exercising. 

Do you know Royal families love Platinum too?

Platinum is loved by the Royal families, too! The well-know Cullinan Diamond is fitted with the Platinum frame, learn more from the previous article Royal Symbol Platinum is adapted to the Cullinan IX.

“Platinum is the spokesman of Nobility and Eternity”

Men’s Platinum Necklace dual curb chain-7mm

from ByEnzo Jewelry

The changeless Platinum Necklace 

A Classic for Gentlemen 

Platinum does not corrode in the air at any temperature; also, it does not react with oxygen in air so platinum does not rust or corrode naturally. For your information, Platinum is resistant to most corrosive substances so that it can last ‘forever’ and the color will not fade as well. You cannot find any substitute for Platinum as it has its unique dense, gloss, and charm. Never has to fear that your Platinum chain’s color will fade one day.

Besides, the melting point of Platinum can reach 1768 degrees Celsius. Yet, gold melts at 1064 degrees Celsius. 

The Fine Platinum Necklace in ByEnzo Jewelry

The best hand craftsmanship in Seoul, experts with over 30 years of experiences are working in ByEnzo Jewelry to create or bespoke the finest Platinum jewelry. You would never regret your choice in purchasing a piece of Platinum Jewelry for yourself in ByEnzo. 

Simplicity Elegance of Men’s Platinum Jewelry

ByEnzo pursues simple design, we believed that ‘Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication‘. 

Nobility and Elegance has a positive relationship towards simple, neat and clean images, just like Platinum Jewelry. A luxurious and precious metal with the glamorous glow  yet in a low profile that people rarely knows its actual value.

The Earl Collection for the Platinum Necklace in ByEnzo Jewelry

We truly believed that the Earl is the best representative of Platinum. Representing the nobility of your identity and best fit with a mature gentlemen. 

The combination of strength and elegance

Differences between the 7mm Standard Curb Chain & 7mm Dual Curb Chain

The design differences between the Standard and the Dual chain is all about the chain amount. Let say if there are 40 chains for the standard chain; then there will be 80 chains for the dual chain necklace. Therefore, the weight of the chain is heavier as well. 

Heavier weight for the Dual chain

Dual chain is much heavier than the Standard chain. 
As mentioned above, since there are twice chains more, the dual chain is also heavier as well. Therefore you can feel the dense feeling from Platinum PT 950 around your neck, which no other precious metal can deliver.

For example, on the right side there are both Standard and Dual Men’s Platinum chain necklace that are in 8mm width and 52 cm long. While the weight of the Standard platinum chain is around 119 gram, whereas the Dual platinum chain is around 133 gram. 

Doubling the chain amount for a smoother look

Smooth appearance of the Platinum chain necklace, since there are twice more chains in forming the link. Therefore, you will have a more continuous feeling and sensation from the dual chain. A smoother outlook of the dual chain due to the lack of empty spaces in between the chains. From the comparison photoshoot, you can see that there are more holes in between the linkage from the Standard chain necklace. On the other hand, due to the lack of space between the Dual chain, it delivers a smoother feeling.

Platinum necklace from the Earl Collection

In the Earl Collection of Platinum Necklace, there are several widths and lengths for your selection, or if you are looking for thicker width, we are able to bespoke. Please contact us for more information.

for more product information

The Standard Chain-Cuban or Cuban chain

Start from 5mm width; we also provide 6mm and 7mm in stock. While sizes other than these three sizes are possible as well. Please contact us for the bespoke process.
Dense & heavy feeling.

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The Dual Chain-Cuban or Cuban chain

Start from 6mm; we also have 7mm in stock. While sizes other than these two sizes are possible as well. Please contact us for the bespoke process.
Dense & heavy feeling.

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The Lock Chain-Cable chain

Start from 4mm; we also provide 5mm in stock. While sizes other than these two sizes are possible as well. Please contact us for the bespoke process.

Flexible & Sporty Feeling

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The Circular Chain-Rolo chain

Start from 3mm; we also provide 4mm and 5mm in stock. While sizes other than these three sizes are possible as well. Please contact us for the bespoke process. We highly recommend to wear this chain as pendant necklace. 

Smooth & Best with Pendant. 

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